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Distribution of Products

Wilderness Products & Services, Inc. offers a full line of products for convenience stores & Seed & Feed operations and to the general public.  We offer delivery of these products to your locations, guarantee their quality & help you with the marketing of them.  If you would like to try any of our products see our Web Store for specifics & we can set you up.  We also offer trial programs for products and in some cases guaranteed sale of the products.  Below is a list of some of the products handled, see our Web Store for more information or contact us direct at 1-888-671-2825

* Bundled or Bagged Firewood

* Wholesale Delivery of Palletized Firewood 

* Bar & chain Oil

* Sunflower Seeds

* Deer Apples (Seasonal)

* Deer Corn

* Mulch in bags

* Softener Salt

* Windshield Wash

* De-Icers in 10#, 20#, 25# bags or 11# jugs

* Bear Bait

* PPG/Sikken's Stain

* Cabott's Stain

* Paint Brushes, paint pails, and many more staining/painting products

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